Technologies - Waste Water




Wastewater treatment and recycling is a vital part of making sure that we live in a pleasant and healthy environment. The treatment process can be sustainable only if, it can match with local weather condition and environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to improve the long-term sustainability of wastewater treatment plants is of vital interest to operators of these facilities worldwide. We provide various type of technology depending on customer’s water quality requirement, space constraints and other local issues.

Zero Power Based Technology

We provide a sustainable wastewater recycling solution (Decentralized Waste Water Recycling Systems) i.e. DWWRS technology for wastewater treatment and recycling of the precious water resource. The technology does not require any electricity for process.



  • Easy for operation and maintenance
  • Least moving parts, so lesser wear and tear.
  • Less or no energy requirement depending on the site conditions due to high oxygen transfer in process
  • No or minimal waste residues / sludge
  • Aesthetically pleasant and great public acceptance
  • Huge benefits from carbon credit
  • All green natural process
  • Very high removal of bacteria, BOD, COD, suspended solids, colour, odour & ammonia.
  • Practically maintenance-free process
  • Very long life
  • Very low operating costs
  • Scalable from 5 KLD to tens of MLD
  • Less space requirement and reduced foot print.
  • The technology is ideal for urban and rural areas, where power availability is very difficult.
  • No skilled manpower requirement for Operation and Maintenance.

Application Areas

Hotels, Hospitals, manufacturing industries, food processing industries, residential complexes, remote defence locations, any location where bulk food/ organic waste is generated.