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Waste to Compost
Waste to Compost


Garbage and waste disposal is a big problem that affects India. The stench and ugly sight of garbage dumped on the roadside, sometimes overflowing from drains or floating on the surface of rivers is not at all uncommon in India. Mumbai generates more than 7000 tons of organic waste everyday out of which 40% is wet waste. Organic waste means purely leftovers of food stuffs including vegetables and non vegetables, etc. This waste is biodegradable and is rich source of nutrients and can be processed in presence of oxygen by composting or in absence of oxygen using anaerobic digestion. Aerobic composting produce a soil conditioner which when recycled back to nature in correct way can be used as a valuable source of nutrients to the soil.


Composting is a biological process in which microorganisms (bacteria) convert organic waste into compost. The compost looks like dry soil and is an excellent medium for growing plants. Composting system is a fully automatic machine which uses special microorganisms to break down and decompose all kinds of organic waste into compost within 24 hrs with a volume reduction of 85-90%.

Key Features

  • Fully Automatic & compact in size
  • Processes waste to compost in 24 hours
  • Processes all types of organic waste like curry, roti, bread, egg-shells, chicken bones, mutton bones, fish, fish bones, fruit, fruit peels, vegetables, vegetable peels, left-over’s of kitchen waste, garden waste like dry leaves and small twigs etc.
  • 85-90% volume reduction of organic waste into high quality compost.
  • Removal of compost only once in 8-10 days.
  • No addition of any micro-organisms or anything else for composting ever.
  • Noiseless, Odorless, Maintenance-free
  • No harmful gases
  • No pathogens
  • For User’s safety overload function-Machine comes to a halt in case of overload
  • Indicators are provided for Power mode, heater & power saving mode
  • Internal mixing blades automatically stop when waste input door or compost removal door is opened

Application Areas

  • Societies
  • School
  • Marriage Hall
  • IT Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Any Office Bldg
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants